Chaire Unesco

Science and technology education and training of teachers

The Chair's assignments

Developing educational research on issues relating to science and technology education and teacher training for primary and secondary education: establishment of joint supervision of theses, collective responses to tenders and calls for international projects, mobility of PhD students and researchers, support for the structuring of laboratories or research teams of partners in the chair's network.

Development of teacher training for primary school and science and technology education for secondary teaching: harmonisation and coordination of teacher training curricula within the framework of LMD, the reconciliation of training organisations and teacher degrees, North-South student mobility and South-South student mobility and open learning programmes and distance learning programmes.

Development of resources for communication and remote access to resources for education and training: establishment of an internet, intranet and extranet server able to ensure the dissemination and access to the information and resources produced by the partners of the Chair, implementation of collaborative platforms in order to organise the work of the teams and their remote communication with each other, implementation of electronic portfolio systems for the monitoring and regulation of distance training.