Chaire Unesco

Science and technology education and training of teachers


- To contribute to the development of teacher training in the fields of science and technology education. To this end, developing masters and other training for careers in teaching, education and training and providing the training; developing research projects and ensuring the dissemination of their results; developing the mobility of teacher researchers and masters students; creating a distance working platform and a website to facilitate discussion and communication; promoting the development of best practice communities;

- To establish an international centre of excellence for teacher training in science and technology education to strengthen UNESCO's initiatives for the training of teachers especially in Africa;

- To facilitate collaboration between researchers and higher education institutions from various world regions and especially with the African Network for Training of Training providers in Technical Education (RAIFFET) as part of the creation of the International Centre for Research and Training in Scientific, Technological and Vocational Education;

- To develop an international academic network focused on teacher training in science and technology education by involving Francophone universities and their partners, to strengthen cooperation in the field of training, research and knowledge exchange.